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March 14, 2008

The San Francisco Garden Show at the Cow Palace

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Casa Serkes Front Garden… a year ago
Poudini is standing guard, just above the step

Carol loves to garden. She was born in Newcastle-On-Tyne and I think it’s in her British blood. And though she’s now a US Citizen (a 3 hanky event) the gardening instinct still is strong.

So, while I drove to San Jose today to network with my California All Stars Realtors group (about two dozen of use have met for about a decade to share ideas), Carol went to the San Francisco Garden Show at the Cow Palace.

I was born in Manhattan, and grew up in The Bronx (on Bronx Park East, across from The Bronx Zoo and near the Botanical Garden), but my interests tend towards steel and concrete (though green concrete is always pleasing)

Carol, knowing of my interests, used her iPhone to take and email me the above photo.

Flush with success, I decided to continue on the same theme. The lovely photo above, a fine few of the Golden Gate Bridge, is the view when taking care of business from the Albany Race Track men’s room.

I’ll be you wondered how I’d bring back the block to East Bay Real Estate, didn’t you!


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