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February 28, 2008

Which homes are on this week’s Berkeley MLS Tour?

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We’ve always felt that our buyers first “buy” neighborhoods, then purchase the nicest home they can buy there.

What better way to show which homes are for sale in the Berkeley Hills, Albany, Thousand Oaks, Rockridge than by mapping them?

Carol told Mimi, a long-lost cousin (who will be visiting us in a few weeks) that “Ira likes nothing more than to be plopped down in a strange city with maps and guidebooks.. and so maps have always been a great interest to me.

I’ve been tweaking online mapping software for years, and decided it was time to see what I could do for the Berkeley MLS Broker’s Tour. And by the time we’d finished watching Tommy Lee Jones in “The Valley Of Elah”, I’d put together my first draft… complete with address and pricing information… and popups which will link to the searchable MLS.

Bonus: We usually visit homes starting from Kensington in the north to Rockridge in the south… so sort the geocoded mapping data first by latitude, then by longitude. View the map data points to see how well it works!

Our clients receive maps, photos, detailed comments every week so they know which homes are “hot” and which are “not”. If you’d value that kind of information, give us a call!

Not quite ready? Just click on the link below for an update of what’s for sale by neighborhood. You’ll find out what’s for sale.. but that’s just data… you’ll find that kind info all over the web.

Live update of East Bay Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, Rockridge…homes by neighborhood!

It’s in the interpretation and analysis of the information that we create value for our sellers and buyers.

Oh… and if you’re ready to sell your home? We’ve a special market snapshot program just for you!

Click on the image below, and you’ll receive a personalize market snapshot showing your what’s going on in the real estate market for homes near yours!

Email or call 510-526-6668 for more information.

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