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December 5, 2007

Excitement at Casa Serkes … We just gained half a closet installing a "On Demand" Hot Water Heater

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We’ve had numerous problems with our hot water heater (bad installation in the past)… And needed to replace it. Opted for an “On Demand” tankles water heater by Takagi

Much Smaller in Size… We just gained half a closet… And that makes a big difference!

Energy Efficient: Only comes on when you need hot water… So you’re not using natural gas to keep the tank warm all the time. No pilot light burning all the time

No Tank – Much safer in Earthquake Country

Loud blower motor when it comes on. Carol said it “sounds like a Mack Truck” Not quite that loud, but definitely noticeable… And if the bedroom is 10 feet away… You might notice it

Much higher cost which won’t likely be recovered by less gas usage

Might need a new electrical outlet – since it’s an electric ignition, we’re hooking it up to our Photo Voltaic System. Without Electricity, it won’t come on!



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