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March 14, 2007


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A bit of my photographic style.

I try to frame the photos so that I don’t have to crop them later.

Photoshop? Not much fun for me (though I will be using the channel filters to convert color photos to black + white)

And I love to use a circular polarizing filter.

So… just about every photo posted on this site is exactly as I photographed it!

The first one? Once was a furniture store in Oakland on San Pablo Avenue near Clay Street. The signage caught my eye as I was heading down to the IRS Office in the Downtown Federal Building, and I made a note to drive by after the audit.

Yes.. my return was unchanged (I’m trained as an engineer… and engineers love precision and accuracy).

But the real benefit of the audit.. the chance to take photos at a truly remakable example of Art Deco commercial signage.

And the other two?

Los Angeles!

We attend mastermind groups with some extraordinary Realtors several times a year, and our trip to LA gave us the opportunity to visit (and revisit) some of my favorite LA Deco sites.

The middle photos is “Crossroads of the World” in Hollywood.

And the bottom photo is the Alex Theater in Glendale.

I’ll get you the addresses later… right now it’s 12:28 am, Poudini is scratching the glass of the French Doors to get out, and it’s time to go to bed. The iced tea I had at my friend Barbara Kaplan’s house did its job keeping me up late tonight!


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