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October 1, 2006

Busby Berkeley

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Put Berkeley into a search and you’ll come up with UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Berkeley CA, City of Berkeley, Elizabeth Berkeley (nuff said), Real Estate Berkeley CA, Berkeley Parent Network.. and Busby Berkeley!

I first saw a Busby Berkeley movie at Cooper Union’s Green Camp. Green Camp was Cooper Union’s oasis in Northern New Jersey… and was beloved. I was a Green Camp student leader, and led the very first joint orientation of Art, Architects, and Engineers in 1969 along with Emmy Van Exter and Pete Saltini.

Green Camp had 2-3 different theme weekends … movies, baking, painting, etc…. and lots of fond memories.

The movie weekend was one of them.

We watched Busby Berkeley’s 42nd Street on DVD this weekend, and was delighted by it… I recall the ending when there’s a dancing NY Skyline, and then a surreal view up a skyscraper.

I read the credits at the end, and saw that Busby Berkeley training came when he was an officer in World War I and learned how to drill his recruits!

We saw 42nd Street on 42nd Street several years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Carol reminded me that we saw it in September 2001. And that was 4 Sep 2001, the day that we bought tickets at TKTS booth in the World Trade Center.




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