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September 1, 2006

Monet In Normandy In San Francisco

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Small Berkeley Broker’s Tour today… so finished early. When there are homes in Berkeley to see for our clients, we see and report on them! Labor Day weekend is upon us and so there weren’t many Berkeley, Albany or Kensington homes… so it was time to take Carol for an adventure!

We went to the Legion of Honor to see the “Monet In Normandy” exhibit… and it was a real treat. They’ve collected over 4 dozen of Monet’s paintings… many of which you’ve probably seen, and other which were new to me! Two new favorites were “Snow Effect At Giverny” and “Roman Cathedral Façade and Tourd’Albane – Morning Effect

And then we saw one of the paintings of haystacks.

We both noticed it at the same time.

And the quote which came to mind, to both of us, was “I sure do love those haystacks”

Spoken by Pierce Brosnan in “The Thomas Crown Affair” … which is one of our favorite movies!

If you like me to show you the Monet, visit the Legion Of Honor… or better yet join! For $70 a year, you and a significant other can visit the Legion Of Honor or de Young Museum as often as you like… and bypass the ticket lines – even for special exhibitions such as this one!

This is a limited time offer …. the exhibit ends 17 Sep 2006

Yes… that is a Rodin, not a Monet


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