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August 26, 2006

Exciting Week At Casa Serkes

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It’s been quite a week at Casa Serkes…. lots of great things came together this week

Successfully working hard for our clients!
We negotiated long and hard for our clients, and were able to get our buyers everything they wanted!

They competed against 4 other buyers and we got their offer accepted… with an inspection contingency to boot! The inspections turned up serious foundation problems.

And we went to work for them… and got them everything they wanted!

So.. if you’re selling.. give us a call, and we’ll let you show you the steps you need to sell your home with the fewest problems. And how to avoid the renegotiations like the ones we just described!

And if you’re buying… we’ll show you how we go to work for you!

Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home
That’s the title of my new book… and after working on it for several years, I finally put the finishing touches on the manuscript this morning. Should be out this fall!

The Buyer Agency Council
Published my article on how we’ve so effectively worked with both sellers and buyers to give them each what they need in a real estate transaction.

Photo Voltaic & Long Time Friends
Our system went completely live.. PG&E installed their “Time Of Use” meter and the engineer in me already has graphs and charts.. it’s a real treat watching that meter run backwards.

PG&E showed up to install the meter at the same time as I came home with my friend Ron Hoffer… I met Ron at The Bronx High School Of Science… then were in Grad School at UMass Amherst together. It’s such a pleasure getting together with long time (not old) friends.

The Wall Street Journal
Oh.. did I mention that I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago?


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