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June 16, 2006

A North Of Solano Stroll

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Today was a beautiful day in Berkeley… and we decided to take advantage of the warm summer night to walk to dinner.

We left our Thousand Oaks home and headed up one of our favorite streets… Vincente Avenue. When we reached Visalia, Carol said.. it’s so nice out, let’s go to the cul-de-sac at the end of the street.

The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association
created a marvelous maps of all the paths in Berkeley.. and we knew that one of them led from the end of Vincente up to The Alameda. The photo is of Indian Rock Path, which takes you from the top of Solano Avenue to… Indian Rock!

What we didn’t expect (and weren’t suprised to see) were the fauna! First.. we saw a deer head down into the canyon, then a very friendly black and white cat came to welcome us.. and as we looked up the path, saw a fawn… and its mom!

What a treat!

Then down Visalia, across County Boundaries into Kensington‘s Circus Pub for a Black & Tan.. and Fish & Chips.

Growing up on Bronx Park East, the only animals I saw lived at The Bronx Zoo across the street. It’s a treat to call home the Thousand Oaks neighborhood… along with friendly 4 legged friends!


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